‘She left the heavy lifting to Richard’ – The former trainer says mother Oracene is the ‘reassuring force’ behind Venus and Serena Williams’ success

Venus Williams and Serena Williams share a very special bond. They are one of the most successful sibling duos in women’s tennis history. The two support each other on and off the tennis court.

Similarly, in terms of support, their father, Richard Williams, has been a significant influence on the sisters’ success. However, one particular person has always had the same impact on the sisters’ lives, and that’s their mother, Oracene Price. Former American player and tennis coach Rick Macci revealed that mother Oracene Price has had an equally calming influence on the Williams sisters’ success.


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Ex-Coach Rick Macci on Oracene and her influence on Venus and Serena Williams’ success

Earlier in an interview, Serena Williams and former Venus coach Rick Macci has been vocal about Oracene Price’s support and influence over their children.

She wanted to make sure they were children. She wanted to make sure they had a teenage life and she did everything to make that just as important. She was probably the best tennis mom ever because she let Richard do the heavy lifting, and she was a mom.” he said.


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The 67-year-old further said: “And all we can say about this balance is: How can you argue with the results? She should be inducted into the Hall of Fame as a mom.

Venus Williams reacts to Serena’s resignation


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Venus Williams, Serena’s older sister, reacted in the same way as the rest of us. She did during an interview said that it was unthinkable for her. It is worth noting that even at 42 years old, Venus is still very active and looks forward to enlisting her sister’s help in the coming days.

The Williams sisters were an unbeatable doubles team and ended their career together at the US Open with their last match together. While Venus will continue to compete, she has no plans to return to doubles.


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In an emotional speech after her last match, Serena thanked everyone who had helped her along the way. She cited Venus as the source of all her success. Fans of the Williams sisters would be itching to see Venus in court soon after Serena’s retirement.

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