Zillow Gone Wild meets Fort Wayne: One bed, one bath, one indoor tennis court

FORT WAYNE, Indiana (WANE) – It has a kitchen, bedroom and bath making up 690 square feet of living space.

Then there’s the 7,200-square-foot attached tennis court.

And it can be yours for a cool down $685,000.

A house at 10010 Saint Joe Road drew a lot of attention online as the listing popularized the offer Zillow Gone Wild page on Facebookalong with snarky comments like “Professional indoor tennis facility that easily converts to your wife’s closet” and “1 bedroom and a 15-car garage, could be the perfect home.”

“I thought it was hilarious,” said the home’s owner, Vince Williams.

Williams has lived in the home for nearly 15 years β€” and uses it as his coaching business. He’s never heard of Zillow Gone Wild and was unaware of the storm it was causing online until his nephew drew his attention to the comments.

The only reason he’s selling the house is because his business margins are shrinking and as he says, “I can train tennis anywhere.”

The house was built in 1999 by Dr. Robert Lindsey built. The reason? He was tired of taking lessons at the Wildwood Racquet Club. The flat was added to make it easier to sell later, and Lindsey – who also built a clay court in front of his nearby home – brought trainers to his home.

Williams – who was then working at Wildwood and had previously played for North Side High School, Ball State University and Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne – was one of those coaches.

“I used to come here all the time,” Williams said.

In 2008, Williams wanted to buy the apartment, but the real estate crisis made it difficult for him to get the right money and the right loans. Lindsey, who was living in Florida at the time, flew him in for a face-to-face meeting to see what could be done.

“He just put a check in my lap and said, ‘I’ll help you get this,'” Williams said. “Everything was done in 10 minutes.”

Williams had to make the building his place of business to accommodate a zoning discrepancy, and then he set about taking clients.

“This is probably the most unique property I’ve sold for myself,” said North Eastern Group’s Brad Stinson, the agent behind the sale. “Just because it’s a steel structure, it costs about $100 a square foot to build that now.”

Williams called his time living and working at home a dream. However, since inflation has risen, its rates can only get so high. He said he was competitive in the market but needed to go elsewhere to remain so.

“I always said as a kid that I would like to have my own tennis court,” Williams said. “But the reality is that as an adult you have to pay for it.”

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