Tennis: Federer: I will never forget what Nadal did for me

tennis Legend Roger Federer said thank you Rafael Nadal for making his last Laver Cup appearance a special one.

The 41-year-old took an emotional farewell to the world of tennis along with the other members of the “Big Three”. Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

The Spaniard took part in the London tournament despite the recent hospitalization of his wife due to complications with her pregnancy and efforts to be there were not lost springer.

“I told him, ‘Look, I’ll keep you posted. You let me know how it is at home. And we will reconnect’.” springer said the New York Times.

“But on the phone it became clear very quickly and Rafa told me: ‘I’ll try everything to be with you.’

“And that obviously felt incredible to me. And it showed once again how much we mean to each other and how much respect we have.

“And I just thought it would just be a beautiful, amazing story for us, for the sport, for tennis and maybe beyond, where we can co-exist in a tough rivalry and come out on top and show that, hey, it’s again is just tennis.

“Yes, it’s tough and sometimes brutal, but it’s always fair.

“And you can come out the other side and still have this great friendly rivalry. I just thought it would end even better than I ever thought it would. So, an incredible performance from Rafa and of course I will never forget it , What.” he did that for me in London.”

What now for Federer?

As for the how springer now feels his playing career is over, he says he is complete.

“I think I feel complete,” he said. “I lost my last singles match. I lost my last doubles match.

“I lost my voice for shouting and supporting the team. I lost as a team last time. I lost my job but I’m very happy.

“I’m doing well. I’m really fine. That’s the ironic part, everyone thinks of a happy fairy tale ending, you know?

“And for me it did end that way, but in a way that I never thought would happen.”

springer and Nadal were seen crying and holding hands while following their match, but Roger says it was a happy moment for him.

“It was a brief moment,” he said. “I think at one point I was sobbing so much, and I don’t know, it all went through my head, how lucky I am to actually be having that moment right there with everyone.

“And I think that was the beauty of just sitting there and recording everything while the music was playing, and maybe there was more focus on it [the singer Ellie Goulding].”

As for his decision to retire, springer says he reached a point where his knee was just giving him too many problems.

“As time went on I could feel fewer and fewer chances as the knee caused problems for me as I struggled to assert myself,” he added.

“And that’s when I finally said, look, it’s okay, I accept it. ‘Cause I left it all out there Nothing left to prove.”

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