Juan Martin del Potro: 'When this fails, the blow is hard'

“If this fails, the blow is hard”

Juan Martín del Potro believes Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner could be ‘this generation’s Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer rivalry’. Alcaraz and Sinner put on an absolute show at Arthur Ashe Stadium on Wednesday.

After five hours and 15 minutes of exhausting battle, Alcaraz defeated Sinner 6-3 6-7(7) 6-7(0) 7-5 6-3. The match ended at 2:50 am and set the new record for the last finish in tournament history. Alcaraz saved a match point in the fourth set and recovered from a collapse in the fifth.

“I am fascinated by the tennis level of these guys. It will be the Federer-Nadal of the next few years,” del Potro told ESPN. After two defeats against Sinner this summer, Alcaraz finally managed to beat the Italian.

In Wimbledon, Sinner defeated Alcaraz in the round of 16. A few weeks later, Sinner defeated Alcaraz in the Umag final to claim his first title of the season. In New York, Sinner had a match point for his third win of the season against Alcaraz.

But Alcaraz miraculously managed to achieve victory. The confrontation between the two in the main category is now 2:2. “We are friends off and on the pitch when we train or when we play against each other. We try to measure ourselves as best we can, which I think is very nice to see.

You know we’re young. We’re both young, but we both play great tennis. So let’s see what happens in the future.”

Juan Martin del Potro on his injury

Former top 10 player Juan Martin del Potro has revealed heartbreaking details of his injury struggles.

“I recently went to Switzerland to see another doctor,” Del Potro told the Argentine publication La Nacion. “I started another treatment, it was recommended by many tennis players and so far I haven’t even had a positive result.

Imagine what it’s like after every attempt at treatment or surgery, how frustrated I get when it doesn’t work out. As usual I’m wrong, I hope I have faith in any new treatment I try and when it fails the blow is hard.

And for three and a half years, despite multiple surgeries and treatments, it kept happening. Today I can only walk, I can’t run on the treadmill, I can’t climb stairs without pain. I can’t drive long without stopping to stretch my legs.

This is my reality, which is hard and sad, but I always try to improve my situation and my new challenge is to live as well as possible, even psychologically, despite my problem.”

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