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Serve up a storm.

Nick Kyrgios has the best serve in the world this season, winning 92.8 percent (568/612) of his service games in 45 games, leading on the ATP Tour.

Its movement is ruthless simplicity. His weight starts backwards while his arms are balanced and extended forward. Imagine a bow bending sharply to shoot an arrow. Then he drags his left foot and throws the throw far forward. It’s a fast, explosive move that barely drops the ball as it makes contact. In the BNP Paribas open in Indian Wells this year against Rafael Nadalhe rocked a 143 mph first serve in the opening set and a 141 mph blast in the third set.

Unreadable and unstoppable.

An Infosys ATP Beyond The Numbers analysis of Kyrgios’ serving stats for 2022 identifies seven specific scores where he is the best on the tour when it comes to holding serve. The dataset includes players who played at least 10 games in 2022. Below are the scores where Kyrgios leads the Tour and the Tour average.

Holding 0/15 (Tour Average 63.1%)
1st: N Kyrgios, 82.4%
2nd place: J. Isner, 81.7%
3rd: H. Hurkacz, 81.4%

Kyrgios is holding serve around 93 percent of the time this season. That only drops to 82 percent when he drops the opening point – just one point on the screen. Kyrgios, Isner and Hurkacz were the only three players to break the 80 percent hurdle.

Holding 0/30 (Tour Average 40.5%)
1st: N Kyrgios, 68.3%
2.N Djokovic, 68.0%
3. J. Isner, 65.2%

If the rest of the tour falls behind 0/30, they only manage to hold about four out of ten (40.5%). Kyrgios, on the other hand, holds almost seven out of 10 (68.3%). It’s a notable gap he’s forged on his teammates at that specific score.

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Holding 15/0 (Tour Average 88.8%)
1st: N Kyrgios = 97.1%
2nd place: J. Isner = 96.6%
3rd place: R. Opelka = 96.2%

Just one point to his advantage and Kyrgios holds serve an impressive 97 percent of the time when leading at 15/0. John Isner and Reilly Opelka were the other two players who hit the 96 percent mark.

Hold from 30/30 (tour average 73.5%)
1. N Kyrgios, 88.9%
2. C. O’Connell, 87.3%
3. J. Kübler, 86.7%

It’s interesting to see three Australians at the top of this particular ranking, all capable of finishing a game from a tight 30/30 pressure.

Hold 30/15+ (Tour Average 88.4%)
1st: N Kyrgios, 96.2%
2nd place: J. Isner, 95.5%
3rd: H. Hurkacz, 95.4%

Kyrgios, Isner and Hubert Hurkacz are consistently among the top three players in these categories, but Kyrgios always finds a way to knock them out of the top spot.

Holding 30/40 (Tour Average 44.8%)
1. N Kyrgios, 64.4%
2. J. Isner, 64.2%
3.M Cressy, 62.5%

With Kyrgios facing a break point, he still manages to win nearly two out of three (64.4%) service games, while the tour average of 44.8 percent is struggling to get past the 50 percent mark approach.

Deuce holding (tour average 72.8%)
1st: N Kyrgios, 89.1%
2nd: H. Hurkacz, 87.4%
3rd: M Cressy, 86.2%

These three players tower above the Tour average when finishing a game of two, with Kyrgios more than 16 percentage points higher.

Kyrgios is back to bring the heat. He’s hit 716 aces this season (second best), 23 of which come if he’s before break point. His service application is not legible for the returnee. He launches a powerful wide or ‘T’ first serve with exactly the same throw. He is back in the top 20 of the Pepperstone ATP rankings and is currently co-ranked seventh in the Pepperstone ATP Live Doubles Team rankings Thanasi Kokkinakis.

The Kyrgios Mojo is increasing.

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