'What Roger Federer did for tennis cannot be...', says former star

“What Roger Federer did for tennis cannot be…” says the former star

The emotional aftermath of the Laver Cup (which ended two days ago with the first win for the World Team), the scene of Roger Federer’s emotional departure from tennis, will linger for some time to come. The Swiss super champion tried until the very end to return to the circuit to finish on a high note in his own way, but frequent knee problems eventually forced him to go no further.

And the friendly competition that pitted European tennis players against the rest of the world provided the right setting for Federer to put an end to his glorious career. Among the many illustrious personalities – tennis players, but not only – who wanted to memorialize the 20-time Grand Slam champion was Chris Evert.

The former US champion – an 18-time Major winner – wanted to do her own way to pay tribute to ‘The Swiss Master’, as Federer is known, and shine a light on the affection and appreciation the Swiss have always had for Federer.

his colleagues: “No champion was loved by his colleagues as much as Roger Federer,” Evert wrote on Twitter, without mincing his words. The last few days have been really important for Rafael Nadal. The Spanish tennis player took part in the 2022 Laver Cup in London, an event where he was particularly close to his great friend and rival Roger Federer and their farewell match.

The two, protagonists of the famous “Fedal”, a historical rivalry that lasted about twenty years, played together in the last game of the Swiss (he lost to the pair Sock-Tiafoe). Besides the great emotions, Nadal’s tears were struck by the retirement of his great friend and partner, a rather rare episode in the world of sport.

Federer has transcended tennis

Tomas Berdych spoke openly about his former rival Roger Federer. “Anyone who wanted to compare the biggest aces by numbers would find arguments for different players. The number of Grand Slam titles is perhaps the most objective measure, but there are athletes who have made a big mark.

I think Roger will make a bigger dent than Djokovic. I think he’s a bigger icon than Nadal. Maybe because he started this great era. What he has done for tennis cannot be offset by any results,” said Berdych.

That makes him superior to others. Although of course I can understand if a fan finds something special about Nadal, Djokovic or other players,” he said.

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